Social Impact Fellowship

We help ambitious social innovators scale their impact.

In partnership with the Agency Fund, SPC funds and hosts technologists, researchers, and academics seeking to leverage technology to help low-income people exert more agency in their lives. We believe our expertise in helping people navigate the -1 to 0 phase applies as well to social impact projects as it does to venture-backed companies.

Fellows receive a $70k stipend, membership in the SPC community, an 8-week intensive curriculum, and direct mentorship. We help social innovators in the early stages of their work, when they are still figuring out how to turn empirical research into action.

What do SPC members get?

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Fixed grant of $70,000

8 Week Program

Includes a weekly reading group and discussion session, progress updates, and guest speakers. You will also have access to a dedicated mentor or thought partner to provide support as you explore. As you progress through the remainder of the fellowship, we would expect you to launch a prototype, collect feedback, and begin to validate your approach.

Speaker Series

We invite experts to attend our weekly Forum, to join us for dinners, and for one-off events.

Milestone-Based Workshops

Work with Agency Fund, SPC partners, and peer fellows to hit milestones in the ideation, validation, and prototyping phases. These sessions help share goals, build momentum, and drive accountability.


1:1 meetings with your mentor who is an expert in your area of interest. See examples of mentors.

Domain Experts and the SPC Network

Access experts across a variety of fields in development economics, public health, impact investing, machine learning, mobile, blockchain, fintech, social networks, energy, developer tools, and more.


Credits for technologies from AWS, Google Cloud, Brex, Pulley, and other companies.