South Park Commons welcomes exceptional technologists, builders, and domain-experts.

Community Membership

A home for people in the -1 to 0 phase, with open-ended exploration, learning, idea testing, and relationship-building. If you're actively exploring what to do next, or planning to leave your job in the next three months, we'd love to meet you.

Founder Fellowship

A structured, guided path through the -1 to 0 phase for anyone committed to starting a venture-scale company but still navigating ideation. Up to $1M investment, 1:1 partner mentorship, small cohorts, and bespoke fundraising support without a demo day deadline.

Social Impact Fellowship

A $70k stipend, mentorship, and community membership for technologists, researchers, and academics seeking to leverage technology to help low-income people exert agency over their lives.


The SPC Fund works with select entrepreneurs who are not part of the community. We partner with founders primarily in the pre-seed or seed stage, leveraging our operational expertise and the broader community to help you achieve your vision.