Alum Perspectives

  • Arun Venkatesan: SPC was one of the deciding factors in my conversion from a contractor to full time with Carrot. Being in such close contact with other founders, makers, etc. both gives me motivation and a support net. If there is a problem that I am having, I can be sure that someone else at SPC has either gone through the same thing or has done a lot of thinking on it.
    Arun Venkatesan
  • Jeff Arnold: SPC was an ideal environment for the earliest phase of our startup.
    Jeff Arnold
  • David Kosslyn: The real life of the Commons doesn't come from its beautiful office or amazing location, but from the jovial intensity of its members. Everyone is an open book, filled with advice, ideas, and an eagerness to help. The result is a community of smart, motivated, helpful people exploring new paths together.
    David Kosslyn


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